Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Caucasus in 10 Years may possibilities meet Needs...

If I were asked this question 10 years ago, I am sure my answers would have been very wide of the current mark.

My ansewer now, perhaps just wishful thinking, will, I hope, be closer to the reality in ten years.

What I hope for depends on the people. Consequently, to realize my dreams, it is necessary to transform people, to modify the way they think.

They say that in order to transform common thought, one should first transform individual thoughts. Therefore we should first start with ourselves, and not with somebody else. This requires more creativity and more vigor.

In the Caucasus, we have a saying, which I hope to see made into reality within 10 years. And I hope the entire Caucasus enjoys this future reality.

I hope our possibilities match our needs!

Ayaz Abushov
Festival organizer in Sumgait

Nationality: Human South Caucasus Documentary film festival
Of peace and human rights

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