Tuesday, 18 November 2008

***Adventure for three hours***

The story which I want to tell to you is completely true.
And so, the adventure began with my visit to Georgia which situated in the north-west of Azerbaijan. The date was 13 November 17, 2008. I went there dealing with preparation to Youth Exchange Program. It was 8:35 pm (GMT+4) local time. The train started to move to from Baku towards to Tbilisi. I took with myself some food but I forgot to take water. The carriage was too hot and it was easy to get thirsty. The same time there was problem with the light inside the coupe. I was alone in my coupe. I asked to passenger carriage controller if it possible to solve the light problem. She with her typical manner answered me might be later.
It was approximately 01:29 am that the train stopped one of the station which calls Ujar. I asked to the controller that is it possible to go out and buy something to drink she said me yes, the train stops here 20 minutes usually. I tried to buy some soft drinks from outside.The train began to move.Because of I was 30 meters away from the train I couldn’t reach it. So, after the shock I took a taxi and asked him to reach the train up to the next station which calls Yevlakh. I drove not so fast and the same time he confused the way to the next station and I lost the train in the Yevlakh as well. I gave the driver 20 dollars then I took another taxi for the next station – Ganja. He drove too fast – 120-160 km/s. Because of my fortune we met the police on the way. And he asked the driver to stop but the driver didn’t. And some minutes following us police informed the Police post which was in the ahead. But the driver neither stopped in the police post. Finally, we reached the Ganja in time and I gave the driver 40 dollars for the way and 20 dollars for the police punishment which he expected on the way back to his home.
After 3 hours taxi travel I got in the train. It was 04:30 am. The first I met with controller she had smile on her face and the first question which I she asked was “where were you?”. I said “thank you for the fresh air”. The second strange think for me was the light which was in my coupe.

Thanks to the God, I finally got to the Tbilisi.

Author: Rustam Rahimli


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