Tuesday, 18 November 2008

***Adventure for three hours***

The story which I want to tell to you is completely true.
And so, the adventure began with my visit to Georgia which situated in the north-west of Azerbaijan. The date was 13 November 17, 2008. I went there dealing with preparation to Youth Exchange Program. It was 8:35 pm (GMT+4) local time. The train started to move to from Baku towards to Tbilisi. I took with myself some food but I forgot to take water. The carriage was too hot and it was easy to get thirsty. The same time there was problem with the light inside the coupe. I was alone in my coupe. I asked to passenger carriage controller if it possible to solve the light problem. She with her typical manner answered me might be later.
It was approximately 01:29 am that the train stopped one of the station which calls Ujar. I asked to the controller that is it possible to go out and buy something to drink she said me yes, the train stops here 20 minutes usually. I tried to buy some soft drinks from outside.The train began to move.Because of I was 30 meters away from the train I couldn’t reach it. So, after the shock I took a taxi and asked him to reach the train up to the next station which calls Yevlakh. I drove not so fast and the same time he confused the way to the next station and I lost the train in the Yevlakh as well. I gave the driver 20 dollars then I took another taxi for the next station – Ganja. He drove too fast – 120-160 km/s. Because of my fortune we met the police on the way. And he asked the driver to stop but the driver didn’t. And some minutes following us police informed the Police post which was in the ahead. But the driver neither stopped in the police post. Finally, we reached the Ganja in time and I gave the driver 40 dollars for the way and 20 dollars for the police punishment which he expected on the way back to his home.
After 3 hours taxi travel I got in the train. It was 04:30 am. The first I met with controller she had smile on her face and the first question which I she asked was “where were you?”. I said “thank you for the fresh air”. The second strange think for me was the light which was in my coupe.

Thanks to the God, I finally got to the Tbilisi.

Author: Rustam Rahimli

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The strange guests of Baku Metro

I would like to tell you a strange story which recently happened with me. It happened in the Metro. I mean in the Underground station. Before I faced with this event I was with my friends in the city center. It was too late and I decided to come back home by Metro. After some stations later a little boy who is 11 years old got in the same passenger carriage with me.He began to ask money for the treatment of his brother. Some people gave money but some of them laughed. He stayed in the carriage just a station. After the station he got off. In order to define the reality I followed him. He looked for new train. I approached to him. And after introducing myself I ask him some questions such why do you beg money?, Do you study anywhere? And etc. He told me that he doesn’t study. His mother died and he begs for the treatment of his brother.

Meanwhile, one woman about 40 – 45 aged come near me. She seemed as a beggar. But after the conversation with her I got understood that she is neither beggar nor gipsy. She does it because of her the worst standards of living. And she came to Baku from the sub of country. Her first question was who am I and why am I keeping the child away from the “work”? I politely approached the woman and asked about her relations with the boy. She told me that she is his mother. But when I said that he told me his mother died, she changed her answer by saying I am his aunt. When I said that I am journalist and I want to inform about her problem to others she tried to be a bit sincere. She introduced herself as Latifa Huseynova. And she is 34 years old. At first I ask about the boy she told me that he has got only a sister in that case it means the boy cheat the people in the Metro. Then she told me that she has got 5 children. But she has got extra 2 children as well whose parents died. The eldest age is 16 and the smallest is 5 years. Referring to her interview her husband is bed ill. And none of the children go to the school. Just only her 8 years daughter goes to school for first class. Latifa didn’t finished school either. After 8 classes she went out of the school.

I asked her about how many children “work” under her “leadership”. She tried to diminish the number by saying one – only 11 years old child. Another question of mine was how many times have you been involved this “job”? – it is still a year she answered. Why do you do that, if there are other opportunities to earn money such as housemaid? She told me she worked such jobs but it isn’t satisfactory for her to feed the children. For my question about is there any government support to you like donation? Yes, it is – she said. There is also one official who works at Customs Committee. But some times we need for much money because of one of the children (the child was there and she showed him to me) needs regular operation – she added. During her interview as a skeptic man she often repeated “I don’t cheat you, why should I do that?!”
In order to verify correctness of this information I approached the woman who works in the station as an inspector. She was near by me when I interviewed the Latifa. But she refused to answer the questions on Latifa. I understood that the information of Latifa about the children was given wrong and if inspector will say true there must be quarrel between them. That is by saying goodbye I finished my investigation.

Rustam Rahimli
Special reportage 26.09.2008

Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Caucasus in 10 Years may possibilities meet Needs...

If I were asked this question 10 years ago, I am sure my answers would have been very wide of the current mark.

My ansewer now, perhaps just wishful thinking, will, I hope, be closer to the reality in ten years.

What I hope for depends on the people. Consequently, to realize my dreams, it is necessary to transform people, to modify the way they think.

They say that in order to transform common thought, one should first transform individual thoughts. Therefore we should first start with ourselves, and not with somebody else. This requires more creativity and more vigor.

In the Caucasus, we have a saying, which I hope to see made into reality within 10 years. And I hope the entire Caucasus enjoys this future reality.

I hope our possibilities match our needs!

Ayaz Abushov
Festival organizer in Sumgait

Nationality: Human South Caucasus Documentary film festival
Of peace and human rights

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Your Choice is our Future

As a well-populated beverage, alcohol drinks specially, "Vodka" and "Bear" are most used by the youth. Being aware that this drink is the current challenge for youth of Europe including Azerbaijan, I have decided to touch the problem. At first, as usual I approached the Azerbaijani Youth walking in the streets of Baku. The first interviewer was 23 aged Eldar. He has recently graduated the University of Azerbaijan Economic State University. Regarding his group mates he told me that most of students in his group are non – alcohol drinker. But there are same students who prefer to drink bear at the parties.

Another interviewer was a young girl who is called Leyla.
She is an administrator at the one of the PUB – Cafés in Baku. She said that alcohol - drinks are mostly served by men. But there are some frequent woman visitors who also prefers some bear. She added to her speech that the visitors to the pub-café are mostly English people and that is why she could not estimate the degree of Azeri people who has alcohol dependence.

In order to get official information over alcohol dependence I approached the expert of the Association of Azerbaijan Independent Human Development – Zohrab Gadimov. The first questions of mine were “how wide and why does alcoholism spread among the youth?”. By answering my question he noted that actually, the amount of alcoloholics isn’t the same with the official indications. For his speech from the one of two youth become alcohol drinker because of his/her depression. They see the “vodka” as only way the solution of their problems – he said. If there 70% of youth are pessimist the 20% are optimist. And it the reason why of speediness of alcoholism among the Azer youth. By continuing his conversation he added that most of Azerbaijani youth tries to be similar with European youth specially, in this regard. Then he had clarified his idea by saying that “in the West mode of life the drunkenness isn’t considered like abnormal rather than the sign of manhood”.

And finally, I would like to apply to the youth of the World that don’t drink so much if you couldn’t keep your key with yourself.

Regards, Rustam Rahimli

Intoxicated Sigar

"There is a sound mind in a sound body"
One of the Youth Organization has recently organize debate on the topic of “let’s don’t smoke sigar”. In order to hear new arguments and rich the current article I took part there. One side answered to another side by arguments. But the main arguments were different.
For instance, anti-agitator Afaq spoke over the harms of sigar. She noted that the harm of sigar affected not only the user but also the others who is the arround of him/her. But the opposite party resist on that the harms of sigar isn’t so danger for the health of human than the enviromental pollution.
Let’s speak about the attitude of our youth to the sigar. The most of my acquaintances smoke the sigar. If say true I smoke seldom. As in everything we find something to justify ourselves in this regard. For example, to get out of the streess, to make weaker of our anger and etc.
I should say that it is possible now to see often the pupil who smokes. There are also the girls who smokes. But it is not so wide-spread.
Generally, in our country the youth prefer the sigar which has less nicotine. About drinks I could say that in Azerbiajan bear is prefered by youth. The alcohol drinks are usually drinked at the parties, birthdays and etc.



Tuesday, 10 June 2008

One Step Nearer to European Education

Nowadays, one of the problems concerning the students, the main part of Azeri youth, is the current basement on the Soviet education system at majority of universities.
As is known, at some universities the education has already been transformed to credit system. A thought exchange on this issue was held from the Ministry of Education officials to civil students. Moreover, a poll under the name of “Tahsilimizi Takminleshdirak” (Let’s Improve Our Education) was held in some universities among both the students getting education the principles of soviet system and the ones studying according to credit system and relying on the results of the poll one can note that, majority of the students are for the full realization of this system.Particularly,at Azerbaijan University Languages, I study, it passed to credit system in 2005 and the query taken from 1st ,2nd, 3rd-year students showed that they are mostly satisfied.

If taken into he consideration the opportunities credit system gives to students; to continue their education in different European countries on the basis of students exchange and to diminish the possible problems to minimum they can face, recognition of our diplomas and some other reasons it is quite to get such results on the poll.
Moreover, to our mind, credit system offers good conditions for training more skilled specialists, because irrespective of time, a student has to complete all his academic debts.
Another totally different and favorable feature is that students possess the opportunity to get qualified in two professions at the same time, that is one can extend his/her education on a field close to their qualifications.

Regards, Aynur Nabiyeva (new member)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

“Future depends on current investments or capitals”

As you know that, Azerbaijan is one of the Third World Countries. And, we are in the transitional period, yet. Therefore, there are lots of problems in Azerbaijan, as existing in other countries. And, I would like to write about problems of youths, students in Azerbaijan.
“What are the problems of students in Azerbaijan?”-As I said, there exist many problems in Azerbaijan. For example, the system of education, shortage of books, literature in Azeri, unemployment problem, and so on.

But the biggest problem is financial problem. To write or explain this problem, clearly, I wanted to interview one student. If you want to understand the problems of Azerbaijani students’ problems, you can read this student’s interview.

Interviewer: My name is Emin, and last name is Rustemov. I study at Khazar University. My faculty is International Relations. And, I am third year student. My essential difficulty/ problem are financial problem. Because, I have many plans, projects for my education. But, I can not realize them, because of financial problem. I want to note that, I got three part scholarships to study abroad, when I graduated secondary-school. It means that, I had three choices to study at a university. These chances were to study in USA, Cyprus, and third was to study in Azerbaijan at Khazar University. To study in USA, I should pay 25.000$, and in Cyprus payment was 10.000$. But, the payment of Khazar University consist of 3000$. That’s why; I could not have selected USA and Cyprus, eventually I selected Khazar University.
Furthermore, there are lots of international conferences, debates in different countries. But, unfortunately, I can not participate in these. Because, there are travel costs, participation fees, and so on. And, it is not suitable for my family’s budget. But, I try to participate, at least, one–two international conferences, or debates in every year.
I pay, approximately 3000$ for studying at Khazar University, for one year. Of course, there are also, other expenses. But, I don’t work anywhere, today. That’s why; my parents support me, and pay all type of my payments.
Another big problem is unemployment in Azerbaijan. It is impossible to find any job during student life, and, also, after the graduation of the university. That’s why, I can not help financial aid my family. If, I had work, I would can help my parents, and pay some expenses of mine.
To create my future life, I need lots of money. Because, after the graduation of bachelor’ degree, I want to study abroad. But my family does not have enough money to support me. I would like to get master degree at Central European University. It is my dream. I am not sure, but, may be, this dream will realize in recent future. May be, will not realize.
After the master degree, I want to continue my education, for getting PhD in abroad. But, of course, to realize these plans, projects initially, I should have money. I think that, future depends on current investments, or capitals. It means that, if you want to establish your future, life, you should invest, expense, for your education, today. Because, it is not possible to do anything, without money.

Finally, I want to say that, I hope that, I will realize my dreams, in future.

Dear readers, those were the main problems of Azerbaijani students. I hope that, you got some information about this issue.

Bakhtiyar Aslanov
Print Group new member

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Do you know which is the biggest and most beautiful lake in the world? Yes, you have fond it is the 400000km squared Caspian Lake. Actually, most people know Khazar as the Caspian. The name Khazar was taken from the name of the minority who lived at the seaside of Khazar. Because of there isn’t any connection with World ocean we call it lake, but because of its large size we call Khazar like sea. Surrounding the sea sides of Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea is the plenty of natural recourses. The deepest place of the Caspian Sea is 1025 meter. There are many animals and plants. The income which is got from the petrol is the main part of Azerbaijani budget.

But the current situation of the Caspian Sea isn’t heartwarming.
According to the information which I got from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources the most part of the pollution of the Caspian Sea is the industrial waste, agricultural refuse, exploitation of gas and oil wells. Another part of pollution takes the rivers which fall into the Caspian Sea and bring with themselves much slop.

What do our Youth think about this issue ?

Nigar Mammadova is a student. She thinks that the pollution of the Caspian Sea is increasing day by day. Our health and the life of livings in the Caspian Sea depend on us. We shouldn’t pollute the Caspian Sea. There had settled 15 million populations at the seaside of Caspian Sea.

Bayramov Shahriyar is a pupil. He thinks that there will not any result up to the time when we stop to throw the bottles into the water. It means, we and the state officials should work together in order to prevent this pollution.
Nadir Gurbanov, imagines the Caspian Sea like big aquarium. He says that the fish need care everyday.
Huseynova Jala is also a student. For her point of view the main reason of pollution of the Caspian Sea is the rivers like Kura, Aras, Volga which fall into the Caspian Sea. Experts says that it is very big indication. If we want that the Caspian Sea becomes clear we should care about the refining of the rivers.
Student Vugar Alkhasov thinks that actually, it is the problem of only Azerbaijan but it is the problem of all lateral states of Azerbaijan. In order to solve the problem we must combine our strength !

You got acquainted with the thought of our youth. Though there is a pollution problem in Caspian Sea but it is very beautiful. For me, the principle of Hotter – “If everybody sweep in front of his/her house, our world will become cleaner” is the best way to make our Caspian Sea clean.

How do you think what can we do ?

Author: Arzu

The relations between boys and girls

The aim of our investigation was to get know the relationships between boys and girls. And with the purpose I began to work with photographer Elmin. As the result of our investigation we divide issues to several forms. These forms reflects as the relationship between girls and boys, friend and lover. We faced differences, contradictions even, resistance when we were taken the photos from the outside.

For instance, the boy who is the name Fuad was dissatisfied from the taken his photo. He said that his relation with the girl is secret and he didn’t want that his friends or relatives know about this relationship. He added that there isn’t any strict attitudes between them just only boy and girl.

Another interviewer was Afsana. She told that if there isn’t any serious relationship between boy and girl we couldn’t speak about the attitudes at all. The same time we saw many lovers in the city and we witnessed that they were completely free. And they didn’t resist for taken theirs photos.

Author: Ayaz
The photos were taken by Elmin

Tuberculosis or the trouble of Azerbaijan

Tuberculosis is the one of the global disaster which was taken place in the list of the Goals of Millennium Development Program. This disaster is the big problem for current Azerbaijan and its society. For the indications of the Azerbaijan State Static Committee there are more than 7451 people who has infected tuberculosis. And the official of Azerbaijan State Static Committee said that the reason of spreading of the disaster is lack of information among the people. And I decided to investigate the issue.

The first interviewer was 19 aged Nadir Saracli. He is the student of Baku Sate University. I asked him about awareness over this disaster, what is the reason for its spreading, how to protect of it and what it is the best way for protection. He said that he has no info over this issue. But he added that the area of its spreading is Baku. And as the reasons of spreading he indicated the anti-sanitaria especially. And added that there is no enough clinic in Azerbaijan.

The next interviewer was Jamala Guluiva. She told me by answering to my questions that the reason of spreading of tuberculosis is the pollution. And she the same time accuse the Universities and other educational institutions that they do not inform youth about the disaster and its effects.

I approached with the same question to Rasif Dunyamaliev who had already graduated the University. Rasif said that he had info about tuberculosis and he got this info from the books, himself. And by touching the reasons he told that it the issue of lacks of immunities, non well feeding. About the area of the spreading he especially showed the prisons. He told that last year more than 50 people died in prisons dealing with tuberculosis.

The next interviewer was Konul. She is a master at the University Foreign Languages. She told that it is very needed to inform the country people about this disaster. Konul said that it is a matter of unawareness.

And finally, I came to conclusion that the reason of spreading of this disaster is an unawareness of people and the sanitary rules which people must do but they don’t oblige them.

Signuture: Rustam Rahimli

E-mail: rustemrehimli@yahoo.com