Saturday, 14 June 2008

Intoxicated Sigar

"There is a sound mind in a sound body"
One of the Youth Organization has recently organize debate on the topic of “let’s don’t smoke sigar”. In order to hear new arguments and rich the current article I took part there. One side answered to another side by arguments. But the main arguments were different.
For instance, anti-agitator Afaq spoke over the harms of sigar. She noted that the harm of sigar affected not only the user but also the others who is the arround of him/her. But the opposite party resist on that the harms of sigar isn’t so danger for the health of human than the enviromental pollution.
Let’s speak about the attitude of our youth to the sigar. The most of my acquaintances smoke the sigar. If say true I smoke seldom. As in everything we find something to justify ourselves in this regard. For example, to get out of the streess, to make weaker of our anger and etc.
I should say that it is possible now to see often the pupil who smokes. There are also the girls who smokes. But it is not so wide-spread.
Generally, in our country the youth prefer the sigar which has less nicotine. About drinks I could say that in Azerbiajan bear is prefered by youth. The alcohol drinks are usually drinked at the parties, birthdays and etc.



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