Saturday, 24 May 2008

“Future depends on current investments or capitals”

As you know that, Azerbaijan is one of the Third World Countries. And, we are in the transitional period, yet. Therefore, there are lots of problems in Azerbaijan, as existing in other countries. And, I would like to write about problems of youths, students in Azerbaijan.
“What are the problems of students in Azerbaijan?”-As I said, there exist many problems in Azerbaijan. For example, the system of education, shortage of books, literature in Azeri, unemployment problem, and so on.

But the biggest problem is financial problem. To write or explain this problem, clearly, I wanted to interview one student. If you want to understand the problems of Azerbaijani students’ problems, you can read this student’s interview.

Interviewer: My name is Emin, and last name is Rustemov. I study at Khazar University. My faculty is International Relations. And, I am third year student. My essential difficulty/ problem are financial problem. Because, I have many plans, projects for my education. But, I can not realize them, because of financial problem. I want to note that, I got three part scholarships to study abroad, when I graduated secondary-school. It means that, I had three choices to study at a university. These chances were to study in USA, Cyprus, and third was to study in Azerbaijan at Khazar University. To study in USA, I should pay 25.000$, and in Cyprus payment was 10.000$. But, the payment of Khazar University consist of 3000$. That’s why; I could not have selected USA and Cyprus, eventually I selected Khazar University.
Furthermore, there are lots of international conferences, debates in different countries. But, unfortunately, I can not participate in these. Because, there are travel costs, participation fees, and so on. And, it is not suitable for my family’s budget. But, I try to participate, at least, one–two international conferences, or debates in every year.
I pay, approximately 3000$ for studying at Khazar University, for one year. Of course, there are also, other expenses. But, I don’t work anywhere, today. That’s why; my parents support me, and pay all type of my payments.
Another big problem is unemployment in Azerbaijan. It is impossible to find any job during student life, and, also, after the graduation of the university. That’s why, I can not help financial aid my family. If, I had work, I would can help my parents, and pay some expenses of mine.
To create my future life, I need lots of money. Because, after the graduation of bachelor’ degree, I want to study abroad. But my family does not have enough money to support me. I would like to get master degree at Central European University. It is my dream. I am not sure, but, may be, this dream will realize in recent future. May be, will not realize.
After the master degree, I want to continue my education, for getting PhD in abroad. But, of course, to realize these plans, projects initially, I should have money. I think that, future depends on current investments, or capitals. It means that, if you want to establish your future, life, you should invest, expense, for your education, today. Because, it is not possible to do anything, without money.

Finally, I want to say that, I hope that, I will realize my dreams, in future.

Dear readers, those were the main problems of Azerbaijani students. I hope that, you got some information about this issue.

Bakhtiyar Aslanov
Print Group new member

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