Sunday, 20 April 2008


Do you know which is the biggest and most beautiful lake in the world? Yes, you have fond it is the 400000km squared Caspian Lake. Actually, most people know Khazar as the Caspian. The name Khazar was taken from the name of the minority who lived at the seaside of Khazar. Because of there isn’t any connection with World ocean we call it lake, but because of its large size we call Khazar like sea. Surrounding the sea sides of Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea is the plenty of natural recourses. The deepest place of the Caspian Sea is 1025 meter. There are many animals and plants. The income which is got from the petrol is the main part of Azerbaijani budget.

But the current situation of the Caspian Sea isn’t heartwarming.
According to the information which I got from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources the most part of the pollution of the Caspian Sea is the industrial waste, agricultural refuse, exploitation of gas and oil wells. Another part of pollution takes the rivers which fall into the Caspian Sea and bring with themselves much slop.

What do our Youth think about this issue ?

Nigar Mammadova is a student. She thinks that the pollution of the Caspian Sea is increasing day by day. Our health and the life of livings in the Caspian Sea depend on us. We shouldn’t pollute the Caspian Sea. There had settled 15 million populations at the seaside of Caspian Sea.

Bayramov Shahriyar is a pupil. He thinks that there will not any result up to the time when we stop to throw the bottles into the water. It means, we and the state officials should work together in order to prevent this pollution.
Nadir Gurbanov, imagines the Caspian Sea like big aquarium. He says that the fish need care everyday.
Huseynova Jala is also a student. For her point of view the main reason of pollution of the Caspian Sea is the rivers like Kura, Aras, Volga which fall into the Caspian Sea. Experts says that it is very big indication. If we want that the Caspian Sea becomes clear we should care about the refining of the rivers.
Student Vugar Alkhasov thinks that actually, it is the problem of only Azerbaijan but it is the problem of all lateral states of Azerbaijan. In order to solve the problem we must combine our strength !

You got acquainted with the thought of our youth. Though there is a pollution problem in Caspian Sea but it is very beautiful. For me, the principle of Hotter – “If everybody sweep in front of his/her house, our world will become cleaner” is the best way to make our Caspian Sea clean.

How do you think what can we do ?

Author: Arzu

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