Sunday, 20 April 2008

The relations between boys and girls

The aim of our investigation was to get know the relationships between boys and girls. And with the purpose I began to work with photographer Elmin. As the result of our investigation we divide issues to several forms. These forms reflects as the relationship between girls and boys, friend and lover. We faced differences, contradictions even, resistance when we were taken the photos from the outside.

For instance, the boy who is the name Fuad was dissatisfied from the taken his photo. He said that his relation with the girl is secret and he didn’t want that his friends or relatives know about this relationship. He added that there isn’t any strict attitudes between them just only boy and girl.

Another interviewer was Afsana. She told that if there isn’t any serious relationship between boy and girl we couldn’t speak about the attitudes at all. The same time we saw many lovers in the city and we witnessed that they were completely free. And they didn’t resist for taken theirs photos.

Author: Ayaz
The photos were taken by Elmin

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