Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tuberculosis or the trouble of Azerbaijan

Tuberculosis is the one of the global disaster which was taken place in the list of the Goals of Millennium Development Program. This disaster is the big problem for current Azerbaijan and its society. For the indications of the Azerbaijan State Static Committee there are more than 7451 people who has infected tuberculosis. And the official of Azerbaijan State Static Committee said that the reason of spreading of the disaster is lack of information among the people. And I decided to investigate the issue.

The first interviewer was 19 aged Nadir Saracli. He is the student of Baku Sate University. I asked him about awareness over this disaster, what is the reason for its spreading, how to protect of it and what it is the best way for protection. He said that he has no info over this issue. But he added that the area of its spreading is Baku. And as the reasons of spreading he indicated the anti-sanitaria especially. And added that there is no enough clinic in Azerbaijan.

The next interviewer was Jamala Guluiva. She told me by answering to my questions that the reason of spreading of tuberculosis is the pollution. And she the same time accuse the Universities and other educational institutions that they do not inform youth about the disaster and its effects.

I approached with the same question to Rasif Dunyamaliev who had already graduated the University. Rasif said that he had info about tuberculosis and he got this info from the books, himself. And by touching the reasons he told that it the issue of lacks of immunities, non well feeding. About the area of the spreading he especially showed the prisons. He told that last year more than 50 people died in prisons dealing with tuberculosis.

The next interviewer was Konul. She is a master at the University Foreign Languages. She told that it is very needed to inform the country people about this disaster. Konul said that it is a matter of unawareness.

And finally, I came to conclusion that the reason of spreading of this disaster is an unawareness of people and the sanitary rules which people must do but they don’t oblige them.

Signuture: Rustam Rahimli



Lisa said...


Yes, I have heard that Tuberculosis is a very common disease in your country. Since you posted this blog, has it changed? Has there been any education in this among the people? I know my brother-in-law had it when he was young in Baku.

Sharon said...


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