Saturday, 24 November 2007

MAGIC WINDOW: Historical monuments once built for one mission, acquires another mission today

We know that Austria and Lithuania have many historical monuments which the youth of this country often visit. For example, Lithuania has Trakai Island Castle located in Trakai Island on the Lake Galve which was built in 14th century and Austria has Stephasplatr, a square at the geographical centre of Vienna which was built in 13th century. And we also have historical monuments which Azeri youth visit constantly. One of these places is Maiden Tower which is situated in Baku city.
The Old City is one of the most ancient places of Baku city. Old City has many historical monuments which are famous in the world, such as the Shirvanshahlar Palace, mosque, bath house (hamam) and karvansaray which were inhabited by merchants in ancient times. Another important and famous historical monument is the Maiden Tower. For its structure and form, the Maiden Tower is a unique monument in the whole East. There exist different versions and legends on how this castle was built. But I would like to find out what the Azeri youth know about the origin of this historical monument and what versions they do have about its construction.

Asef is a student of the secondary school № 82 in Baku city. He said that today they have different opinions about Maiden Tower. “We see this tower as a symbol of unity. After finishing the high school, our class planed to come here regularly and remember previous times. And we have already chosen the day on which we will come here. We decided to meet here on 22 December every year after the graduation.” When I asked the reason of such choice they replied that recently they have invented a very interesting fact. On 22 December it is possible to see the coming winter through the windows of the Tower. That is why its all Magic window.
This fact was also confirmed by the guide in Maiden Tower. In addition, she told me that Maiden Tower was built in the shape of Buta. In old times, Buta symbolized love and unity in the Eastern countries.
Today, every year on May 31, many young people from Baku and surroundings come to this tower because it is the graduation day of all Azeri schools. Young people play, dance, sing and song and show the theater and organize other games.
Traditionally, newlyweds come and visit the Maiden Tower on a wedding day.
All this process happens around Maiden Tower. And this time also Maiden Tower symbolizes love and unity.
To sum up, I want to say that we want to visit Austrian and Lithuanian historical monuments and know about from they and we want receive youth from Austrian and Lithuanian and show our historical monuments.

Ayaz Abushov

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reza said...

I loved reading about the wedding. The only thing that bothered me was the Europe part. As son of man from Tabriz I believe Iranian is always iranian no matter what the political landscape is or where they were borne or what their religion is. Long live azarbadegan.