Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Holiday of Sacrifices

After gaining the independence in 1991 Azerbaijan got an opportunity to restore its national moral and religious values, the history of which traces back to the ancient times. The restoration of national values means that people return to the old traditions which were forcedly forgotten once. Qurban bayrami was one of the oldest national holidays which was celebrated in all Muslim countries. Being an independent and muslim country, today Azeri people celebrate it as on official holiday. During this holiday wealthy families have to sacrifice a sheep or other animal, such as lamb, chicken, etc., and distributed its meat among seven poor families. It symbolizes the compassion towards all poor. It also calls people to help each other. In the holy Gurban holiday governmental and international organizations give material and moral assistance to many mortar families the handicapped and very old people, refugees and children in orphanages.
Ilkin Hajiyev- 20 years old, student
- This holiday is connected with the Biblical prediction about the prophet Abraham (Ibragim), who wants to sacrifice his son Isaac (Ismail) to God. At the last minute God sends the archangel Gabriel (Jabrail) with a lamb and saves Abraham's son. To commemorate this day, each Moslem must sacrifice (gurban) a sheep or some other animal, while reading prayers and then distribute the meat among the poor.
Seymour Kazimov

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